CountryDate of NDC submissionNotesInternational (USD bn)Domestic (USD bn)Total (USD bn)PeriodGCF contribution
Marshall Islands22/11/2018"A significant barrier to implementing RMI's current and future adaptation and resilience measures is long-term predictable and adequate financing. Because private sector finance is particularly hard to secure in this area, public sector funding from the international climate donor and development sector must be the focus."     
Suriname09/12/2019"This portfolio does not encompass the full scope of the Suriname contribution. It is, however, an important tool for investors and development partners wishing to support Suriname implementing its ambitious Nationally Determined Contribution."  0.7"The timeline for the projects is typically 5 or 10 years." 
Moldova04/03/2020"Appropriate international financial support equal to about US$ 5 billion, i.e. about US$ 500 million per year until 2030, is needed; the support needed will be in addition to the domestic allocations to cover the required abatement costs."5 51990-2030 
Singapore31/03/2020Estimates coastal protection efforts will cost S$100bn ($75bn) over 100 years, and mentions a Coastal and Flood Protection Fund with initial funding of S$5bn ($3.8bn). "Singapore also launched a dedicated Climate Action Package under the Singapore Cooperation Programme in 2018, to climate finance." 3.83.82021-2030 
Chile09/04/2020Includes a section on "contribution in climate finance" that outlines measures to mobilise funding.     
New Zealand22/04/2020-     
Andorra20/05/2020Notes that a "green fund" has been created to carry out all the actions planned for the decarbonisation towards carbon neutrality".     
Rwanda20/05/2020"The total estimated cost for Rwanda's identified NDC mitigation measures through 2030 is estimated at around 5.7 billion USD, and over 5.3 billion USD for adaptation priorities, representing a combined funding requirement of around 11 billion USD"6.94.2112021-2030 
Jamaica01/07/2020"Technology transfer and capacity development cannot take place without sufficient financial resources made available to undertake the transition"     
Vietnam11/09/2020"Viet Nam has to mobilise about USD 3.5 billion each year on average or USD35 billion for the entire 2021-2030 period in addition to state resources... The GCF has provided USD 115.8 million to climate change mitigation and adaptation projects in Viet Nam"35 352021-2030 
Cuba17/09/2020"Total cost estimated for the implementation of the contribution is USD 7723 million. The financing is to be attained from two sources: long term credits to namely cover the import of technology (for the amount of USD 4713 million) and self-financing (specifically USD 3010millions from the state budget.)"4.737.72014-2030 
Mongolia13/10/2020"The initial estimate of financial needs for this NDC implementation is around US$11.5 billion, of which US$6.3 billion for mitigation, and US$5.2 billion for adaptation."  11.52021-2030 
Thailand26/10/2020"The provision of support and cooperation on climate actions are important to achieving mitigation and adaptation objectives and increasing ambition."     
Russia25/11/2020"The Russian Federation [recognises that] developed country Parties provide financial resources to assist developing country Parties with regard to both mitigation and adaptation to climate change."     
Grenada01/12/2020"The indicative cost for Grenada's identified NDC mitigation measures through 2030 is between $984.9 and $1,054.5 Million USD."  1.12021-2030 
Nepal08/12/2020Mitigation only. "The cost of achieving Nepal's NDC conditional mitigation targets is estimated to be USD 25 billion. The cost of achieving unconditional targets outlined in the NDC is estimated to be USD 3.4 billion."253.428.42021-2030 
Brazil09/12/2020"As of 2021, Brazil will require at least US$ 10 billion per year to address the numerous challenges it faces"     
Switzerland09/12/2020-    2021-2030 
Tonga09/12/2020"Achieving the targets set out in Tonga's 2020 NDC will require considerable support for financing, capacity and technology investment."     
Costa Rica11/12/2020"Costa Rica's contribution and its ambition are not conditional on the availability of international climate finance."     
United Kingdom12/12/2020Mentions the 10-point plan which "will mobilise £12 billion of government investment to create and support up to 250,000 highly-skilled green jobs in the UK, and unlock three times as much private sector investment by 2030."  12  
Papua New Guinea16/12/2020"Technology transfer and capacity development cannot take place without sufficient financial resources made available to meet the targets."     
Peru18/12/2020Says "international external financing" will be required for its more ambitious target.     
EU18/12/2020The EU budget, known as the Multiannual Financial Framework for 2021-2027, reinforced by a European Union recovery instrument referred to as the Next Generation EU (NGEU), will be the main European tool for cutting emissions.     
Nicaragua24/12/2020NDC says Nicaragua requires international financial support to "cope with adaptation to climate change" and "increase ambition in the forestry sector".     
Kenya28/12/2020"The total cost of implementing mitigation and adaptation actions in the updated NDC is estimated at USD 62 billion... Kenya commits to monbilize resouces to meet 13% of this budget and will require international support for 87% of the budget"548622021-2030 
Maldives28/12/2020Target is conditional "on the basis of available finance, technology and capacity".     
Monaco28/12/2020"The Prince's Government's international climate finance growth strategy provides for a biennial increase of 100,000 euros from 2020, by 2030." The "majority" of this finance is channeled through bilateral channels, "in particular through the Green Climate Fund".    0.1
Panama28/12/2020Climate plan "will be carried out with its own resources" and international financial cooperation.     
Dominican Republic29/12/2020A target of 27% emissions drop compared to business as usual has been set for 2030. "20% conditional on external finances and 7% Unconditional on domestic finance (5% to the private sector and 2% to the public sector)... an investment estimated required of USD $ 8,916,950,000.00 expressed in a conditional and unconditional way." 
Senegal29/12/2020"The financing requirements for mitigation of GHG emissions are approximately US $ 8.7 billion including 3.4 billion dollars in unconditional and 5.3 billion US in conditional... Senegal's financing needs for adaptation to climate change over the period amount to approximately US $ 4.3 billion including US 1.4 billion unconditional and US 2.9 billion conditional."  132020-2030 
United Arab Emirates29/12/2020Describes UAE's domestic efforts to place "sustainable finance at the forefront," but also "welcomes technical assistance made available to developing country parties under the Convention".     
Argentina30/12/2020The implementation of this NDC is "not contingent on international support", but Argentina "understands that the support that developed countries can provide to fulfill their national ambition will generate significant global benefits".     
Colombia30/12/2020Note - adaptation only. "Annual investment in adaptation to climate change should be 0.2% of the national GDP until 2030...this corresponds to approximately USD 600 million annualy until 2030."  62021-2030 
Mexico30/12/2020"The commitments adopted by Mexico require a timely and ample set of financing options, therefore a climate finance strategy has been designed and it includes participation of the national and international financial sector, which will allow for the coordinated targeting of resources on the country's top priorities."     
South Korea30/12/2020KRW 73.4tn ($67bn) will be invested by 2025 under the "green new deal".  67"by 2025" 
Zambia30/12/2020"The extent of implementation of the intended contribution is contingent upon the financial resources, capacity and technologies available to the country through both domestic and internationalsupport to stimulate investments and innovation."     
Australia31/12/2020Notes the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) will support investments in renewable energies and emission reductions from hard-to-abate sectors.     
Bangladesh31/12/2020Target is "contingent upon international funding and technological support".     
Brunei31/12/2020"Brunei Darussalam envisages to achieve the intended GHG emissions reductions under this NDC through domestic actions and financing. However, the Government of Brunei Darussalam will explore possible bilateral, regional and international mechanisms in meeting the NDC target."     
Cambodia31/12/2020"Future resource mobilisation will look towards a reasonable mix of national and international funds, in addition to market mechanisms, where appropriate, and in line with progress on Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. The total funding required for all mitigation actions is over US $ 5.8 billion...Total funding required for all adaptation actions is just over US $ 2 billion."  7.8  
Fiji31/12/2020"Furthermore, this NDC update recognises that the cost of implementing this target currently stands at US$2.97 billion between 2017 -2030."  2.972017 -2030 
Ethiopia31/12/2020"The estimated resource required for implementing the mitigation and adaptation interventions."23659295